Workshop Offerings

Project Your Voice

2-3 hours

In this workshop, we explore using breath and our voice as tools to open up our creative voice, both literally and figuratively. We’ll unlock our physical selves, integrate the mind and body, and connect with the rich emotional life that we all carry within us all the time. Using that energy, we’ll use that work to develop and project our movement and expression.

The Basics of Breath Control for Speaking and Teaching

2 hrs

Whether you’re a public speaker, teacher, professor, CEO, or just need to develop your vocal stamina, this workshop will help you get in touch with your diaphragm, find your ideal vocal range, and develop a strong and powerful voice for all occasions.

Tell Your Story: Exploring Expressive Movement

2 hrs

A key element of all Suhaila’s most successful choreographies is storytelling through expressive movement. It’s more than just pantomime or gestures; it’s full-body expression. In this workshop, we’ll explore your stories through physicalization, as we exchange words for movement to give you powerful seeds for expressing yourself in a variety of scenarios.

Internalize to Amplify

2-4 hrs

When Suhaila lived in Los Angeles, she had the formative experience of studying acting with Sanford Meisner, one of the greatest acting coaches of his time. And through him, she learned that one of the greatest strengths you have is your personal emotional intent. Your perspective and emotions can—and should—inform both the movements you choose and how you do them. But sometimes it can be tricky to understand how others might perceive your intentions. In this workshop, we’ll focus on finding our honest emotions through non-verbal communication, and learn how our audiences might interpret our actions.

The Foot-Floor Connection

2 hrs

A strong, supple foot-floor relationship is one of the most important technical elements in the dancer’s tool box…. but it’s essential for everyone’s wellbeing. Our feet connect us to the earth, and help us feel balanced and centered. Unfortunately, many of us take our feet for granted. In this workshop, we’ll explore this essential connection, using techniques from ballet, modern, and other movement traditions. You’ll discover a strong sense of balance and center you can take with you into any situation.