Embracing change and listening to the creative force

I’m lucky to be very in touch with how I really feel about things… all kinds of things. To the chairs I sit on to a friend’s facial expression, if you ask me what I want to eat or how I’m feeling, I will never not know. You’ll never hear me answer, “I don’t know.” You might think that’s a blessing to be so in touch with my inner self, but sometimes it’s a bit of a curse. This kind of knowledge means that you’re also accountable to it. 

The feeling manifests as a kind of little voice. Do you know that little voice in your head that urges you to reevalutate your life, start a new project, or make a massive change? For some people it’s a quiet whisper, and for others, it screams.

My little voice gets really loud. So loud that I can’t ignore it. And just recently, it screamed at me again. 

The voice started to get loud again right before my mother’s health took a turn for the worse, like the Universe was preparing me for my future days of not caring for an aging parent. For a time when I’d have time to work and take care of myself. It felt like time was was going to open for me.

When I felt this pull, I knew I needed to change and add to my body of work. 

But major changes are scary. I was scared about what people would think. I was worried that I would lose people in my life. I was then even more scared that I was scared. But the little voice didn’t let up.

In order to live according to my authentic self, I had to listen to the little voice and embark on a new project. It would be so much easier just to settle into a routine, but my gut was telling me it was time to create something new. It would be a program of instruction that truly encompassed my life’s work and what I can offer to a wide range of people to help them live their truth, find their voices, and embrace their power. 

With any new venture, there’s always the question of naming it. My mother would come up with a brilliant name for something but then never create the project. I’m the opposite. Naming my creations always comes after I’ve finished.

So, I asked myself, what does this new undertaking mean to me? What would it do for others? I took time to meditate on it, then it became clear, like it had always been there waiting for me. And, it wasn’t a change at all but more of an acknowledgement of everything I had already been working on throughout my entire life. It transcends culture and dance, an offering based in breath and life force.

So what is it? Core Dimension™.

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