How I handle challenging times

A few days ago, I walked down the main street of my neighborhood. Others were out, too, particularly families. Of course, we stayed six feet away from each other, but we made eye contact and said, “Hello!” We made a connection, despite our physical distance. I know there are many people working hard to keep things going, but in that moment, the streets felt calm and peaceful.

I’ve had this feeling once before, when I was a little girl, and things didn’t feel so rushed. Life was less demanding, and the options were more simple. Being flexible was easier.

So, today I stand in my home dance studio, eyes closed. I let my arms relax at my sides and I rock back and forth in a wide leg stance. I listen to the sounds outside; birds, cars, people, dogs, wind, trees, doors, and laughter. And I remember…

I remember a time of more peace. I remember a time when we didn’t feel always late for something. I remember feeling like being flexible was not a luxury but more of a state of being. 

Of course, the stress is there. The hard reality is that when things return to normal, we’ll have to be even more busy to make up for all the busy stuff we couldn’t do. 

I take a deep breath and make a vow to myself. I vow that when this time has passed, I will allow the flexibility to make changes based on the energy and vibrations I want in my life. I can do that… I can allow that slow stretch of imagination and courage to give me the safety of not having to do so damn much all the damn time.

I feel lucky and grateful to be forced to stay home. And I want to be flexible enough to find the gift in this moment. I want the flexibility to hear the voice inside me always.

As my acting teacher Sanford Meisner would tell us, “Be a leaf in the wind.”

I open my eyes, and begin my day.

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