Planting a new garden!

I’ve been thinking a lot about planting. Like, literally planting my garden. Every year I grow flowers, herbs, and even tomatoes. The climate here in the Bay Area is perfect for fresh, juicy tomatoes… essential for cooking my mom’s Sicilian recipes.

And I marvel at the simplicity of it. But also at the magic.

Planting a seed is so simple. You just put it in the ground, water it, and watch it grow.

But there are so many other factors that will affect your little seedling. Sunlight, the soil, nutrients, rain, water, temperature, and even whether or not you talk to it. 

If everything is aligned, that seed grows roots and sprouts. Then it bursts through the soil and opens up. And if you continue to give it care and attention, it will grow leaves, flowers, and fruits. It’s such an amazing process. It’s like alchemy!

One thing I love about gardens is that they’re not just about one person. You don’t just plant one of everything. You plant multiple… so that you can share the beauty and the bounty with others. It’s really about community, to feed them, inspire them, and nurture them.

So here we are… in the middle of spring. Every spring offers a new opportunity to start over in the garden. And I’ve finally planted that metaphorical garden that I’ve wanted for years.

I’ve always had a desire to nurture with my own hands, whether it’s actual seeds or my dance students. 

If you haven’t yet seen the news, we’ve just launched the Suhaila Salimpour Institute for Online Education. It’s a full online educational program for belly dance. So it doesn’t matter where you live, you can do this program, from the beginning levels through to the highest.

And right now, I have that same feeling that I get when I start my garden every spring. That primal energy that’s so new and vital and not yet settled. That sensation of planting a seed, watering it, and watching it grow… this time metaphorically and energetically. And even though—or maybe because—every plant and every student is different, I’ve always felt so satisfied with that process. 

Watching what really good nurturing and guidance can do for a student as they grow and develop, and knowing that I was a part of that process, is always so rewarding. 

I am so excited that the Institute for Online Education is my new garden. I’ve been working so hard these past few weeks to make sure that it’s ready for all of you. In fact, we created in 4 weeks what was supposed to take 2 years.

So… Welcome to my new garden!

It’s the largest one I’ve ever had!

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